This tool allows you to upload a list of species, and work with that list within the Atlas.
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Below is a listing of user provided species lists. You can use these lists to work with parts of the Atlas.

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List name List type Owner Date submitted Date updated Date uploaded Item Count
Taryn's workplace list Common habitat of species Taryn Johnson 2014-05-22 2016-06-14 2016-06-14 19
Freshwater plants NSW Common habitat of species Nola Hancock 2014-03-05 2016-06-14 2016-06-14 170
Freshwater species Common habitat of species Dave Martin 2013-01-24 2016-06-14 2016-06-14 170
Birds of Canberra Gardens Common habitat of species Dave Martin 2012-10-26 2016-06-14 2016-06-14 123
Waterbirds Common habitat of species Dave Martin 2012-10-23 2016-06-14 2016-06-14 26