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This tool allows you to upload a list of species, and work with that list within the Atlas.
Click "Upload a list" to upload your own list of taxa.

Below is a listing of user provided species lists. You can use these lists to work with parts of the Atlas.

281 results for all records
List name List type Owner Date submitted Date updated Date uploaded Item Count
SA Flora - updated Area checklist Peter Brenton 2017-12-19 2017-12-22 2017-12-22 5912
SA Flora for BDBSA - refreshed Nov 2018 Area checklist Helen Owens 2019-02-12 2019-02-12 2019-02-12 6094
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne holdings (2010) Area checklist Dave Martin 2014-06-24 2016-06-14 2016-06-14 6752
IMCRA region species list - Northeast Shelf Transition Area checklist Michael Hope 2018-02-08 2018-02-08 2018-02-08 7307
VBA Flora List 2018 Area checklist Mel Hardie 2018-02-01 2018-02-01 2018-02-01 9233
Fungimap- All Plants Area checklist 2019-08-29 2019-11-21 2019-11-21 38412