This tool allows you to upload a list of species, and work with that list within the Atlas.
Click "Upload a list" to upload your own list of taxa.

Below is a listing of user provided species lists. You can use these lists to work with parts of the Atlas.

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List name List type Owner Date submitted Date updated Item Count
Weeds listing Queensland Government Common trait of species Miles Nicholls 2013-07-30 2016-10-21 226
Pest animals list Common trait of species Peter Brenton 2013-12-23 2020-11-13 33
National Weeds Lists Common trait of species Miles Nicholls 2013-09-24 2020-11-13 114
Introduced fish species Common trait of species Dave Martin 2013-01-24 2016-06-14 21
Australian Pest Animal Strategy Vertebrate Pest Series 1 (APAS) Common trait of species Natasha Carter 2013-09-24 2016-06-14 189